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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Its always the same with Glen Sather. No due diligence.

Brad Richards in Dallas and Tampa was a product of, or an important cog in if you prefer, a team.

The basis of Brad Richards game for both teams was those team's power play. Brad Richards set up shop on the right power play point. Down low on the right side he had an awsome left handed play maker (Vincent Lecavalier/Mike Riberio) that he could play keep away with. To the left of him, he had a right handed PPQB (Dan Boyle/Sergei Zubov(or Robidas)) who he could play keep away with. And a few other ingridiences, but all in all its those two mentioned that where core.

That was undoubtedly the heart of Brad Richards entire game. Litterary.

In NY, we didn't have that environement. Even remotely. Down low on the right side we had ... Marian Gaborik. Awful in that role. Could easily be pressured by the PKers. Ok, did we have a right handed PPQB then like Zubov or Boyle? Ops, we had a decent LH PPQB in MDZ but nobody with a right shot.

A player in the NHL is a product of the team he is on. 2013. That was maybe not the case 1987 or even 1993, but now it is. Its the team that creates offense. Its the team that defends. Not many individual efforts. The way a PP works, the way a forecheck works, the way a team attacks, that is not individual effort but team play.

The teams that have managed to consistently do really well in this league are the teams with a set game plan (that works) with very defined roles so that they can bring in players specific for those roles. Slats fall short there for sure.

Agreed about roles and specific roles for success. I donít think we had much in place for him ďnotí to fit in, but rather be a cog or player we would develop around. I understand what you are saying, but I believe it was this coaches' responsibility to create or develop a structure to replicate the success of the players his GM provides him.

I think the GM made this deal because of his coach, and at the time it made sense. he was a legitimate #1 C.

Richards flat out stunk at every facet of the game this year. His failings go beyond not just fitting in...

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