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05-22-2013, 11:43 AM
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Is it completely impossible for Glen Sather to trade Brad Richards at the next deadline or next season?

You can obtain a percentage of salary/cap hit under the new CBA. The percentage cannoy vary between years, but must be the same for the remaining years of the contract.

Next summer, 6 years is left, 27m is unpaid (4.5m on avg) (8.5, 8.5, 7, 1, 1 and 1), and he have a cap hit of 6.8m.

His potential value is of course dependent on how he does next season, but if he scores around 65pts next year many teams would of course don't mind getting him, he could still put up pts in the right environement, he is a veteran leader and what not. Former Conn Smyth winner.

Would that Brad Richards be of value for for example Edmonton Oiles?

Lets say Slats obtains 2m of Brad Richards cap hit and hence 29.5% of the money still owed. Edm gets "Cap Hit / Money to pay":
4.8 / 5.9
4.8 / 5.9
4.8 / 4.9
4.8 / 0.7
4.8 / 0.7
4.8 / 0.7

Total money to be paid: 18.8m / 3.1m per

If there would be any interest in Brad Richards on those terms, surely depends on how he would look next season. If he have a decent year, who knows (like if he gets 65 pts, he gets that money as a UFA for sure anyway, and many teams would never be in the bidding for him).

Would Richards waive his NMC? Who knows... The pressure in NY seems to be getting to him.

Why would Slats do it? The only time it makes sense is if we can get a good kid on a ELC back/cheaper contract back. I saw that Burmistov wanted out of Winnipeg for example, lets say he would sign for 3 years and 1.75m per. Winnipeg gets a veteran scorer they never could sign as a FA. We get Burmistov for 1.75m per + 2m x 6 years. Staal and Richards (with us retaining salary like above) for Nail Yakubov and snatch Letang from Pittsburgh...

Nah, doesn't seem likely, at best "who knows". But the retaining salary/cap hit is an interesting option.

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