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05-22-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by wallym View Post
I think shying away from defensmen, and taking a guy you had ranked in your top 5 at #12 can happen at the same time.

I think the big change, is that above mediocre dmen have skyrocketed in price in free agency, and JR has reacted by loading up on dmen in the 2nd-4th rounds. But the practice of playing it safe, and taking a forward with the first seems to have stuck. You need your first rounders to pan our, and he seems to think forwards are safer. Which is probably somewhat true.

I'd say Murphy and JJ were cases of the dman available was ranked much higher than the best forward they had on their charts. Trying to turn a general policy into absolutes complicates the discussion a bit, because I doubt JR ever goes into a draft saying "No way I'm taking a dman, no matter what!" rather than "If two guys are close, we'll probably pick the forward."
Sad thing on JJ is that IIRC Canes scouting had Marc Staal ranked #3 on their board and JJ ranked #4. Or it was something like that. Basically it came down to scouting being torn on which of the two they wanted, having both just about equal, with the head scout preferring Staal and Rutherford/Karmanos preferring Johnson.

But yeah, that's exactly right. Saying you prefer to stay away from dmen in the first round does not preclude one from drafting dmen in the first round. If scouting has a player clearly as the best guy on the board (Murphy at #5 being there at #12) then you go with that player regardless of if it's a position of need or one you even want to draft.

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