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05-22-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
I really wish people would stop making Patrick Roy comparisons altogether. It just ups the ante for haters, which for the record I am not, I'm just neutrally critical of Price.
Comparison wasn't between Roy and Price, its a comment on the way our fans treat our players... specifically the goalies. If Patrick Roy wasn't good enough (and he wasn't for a lot of people) then what chance does any goalie have?
Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
One thing I've noticed in the past two seasons was his inability to steal games. I understand the 2012 team was bad, and Carey had a "good" year statistically but he didn't really steal any games for us that year either which by rights an elite goalie should be able to do atleast 5-10 times a season. We've seen it with Rinne, Lunqvist and Thomas time and time again.
I'd say that you aren't watching closely enough. The guy stole the entire 2011 season for us. In 2012 he was consistently our best player. That team was a disaster though, no saving that team's season.
Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
Carey has shown he can be elite, and has overall been good. The question is whether he can sustain consistency on the line of excellence, because that's how he gets paid. Was he injured the whole second half of this season thus explaining his poor play? I hope so for our sake. I'm just sick of hearing excuses all the time, because you don't hear that kind of defense for poor play by players like Gorges or Desharnais. Even Pacioretty is getting thrown under the bus this season and there is no one making excuses for him.
If Price was injured they should've just sat him. If he really was hurt they did him and the team no favours by playing him.

As for Max, he had a separated shoulder in the playoffs and shouldn't have been playing at all. He was totally ineffective and again... we did him and ourselves no favours by suiting him up.

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