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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
This thread is not about Lundqvist, who is inconsistent but at least shows up consistently enough and has some great games in the playoffs.

This thread is about our 1st line center (Stepan) who according to several advanced stats metrics was a top 2 way forward and was our most consistent player this year. He had an almost PPG season. In fact it was more than PPG in the last 37 games. He went 2 stretches of consecutive pointless streaks in those 37 game. In 10 playoff games this year he has had 3 already, one of 3 games. He hasn't had one good playoff in his career yet.

This thread is also about Nash who has been a 40 goal scorer twice in his career. He was on pace for close to 40/40 this year. He's our most talented player. Total no show in the playoffs.

This thread is also about a guy that was on pace to score around 30 goals for 3 straight years, Callahan. Total no show again, as he was every year in the playoffs.

From these 3 Callahan and 27/28 worries me the most. He's not a young player anymore and has had plenty of experience. I wonder if he'll ever be good in the playoffs. Nash worries me due to his age, but he also is very inexperienced in the playoffs, so you can see him improve. Stepan has decent playoff experience but is only 22, I worry about him the least. That said these are probably 3 of our top 4 offensive players (the other being Brassard), hoping and praying that they turn into playoff performers is a good way to be disappointed year after year in the playoffs. What do we do?
In general, suggest the consistency of what I have preached for years:
no sacred cows, everyone is available for the right price if it is a profit.

It's not good for hero attachment and appreciation, but it does keep the club moving forward.

Specifically I'm not immediate concerned w/Cally atm.
I expected more from most.

Again, a HUGE problem is Torts and this effin style that has everybody exhausted come playoffs, even in a short year.

When are you guys going to listen to me about this and a couple of other things!

While honesty must admit atm Miller has been out with healing wrists, generally speaking a high speed line like

Hagelin Kreider Callahan
would be terrific.
CK has amateur experience in the pivot, would it kill to give a few shifts there?

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