Thread: Player Discussion: Brad Richards Part II
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05-22-2013, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Thank you, insightful, and explains a lot....

Is there ANY chance this could be the basis for a medical exemption, and we don't have to buy him out? Can we just give him whatever is the correct 8 figure settlement w/insurance, he would be considered medically unfit to continue play, presumably past LTIR, and then he still gets lion's share of $$ but we don't have cap issues?
Bern, each team was awarded two amnesty buy-outs to go along with the new CBA. The amnesty buy-outs allow teams to buy out a player without any cap ramifications. The Rangers used one on Redden already. They more than likely will use their second and final one on Richards.

Let's assume the Rangers did not have a second to use on Richards. If the Rangers medical staff deemed Richards unfit to play, they could put him on LTIR and insurance would pay his paychecks with nothing going against the cap. An issue would arise if Richards wants to play (he isn't allowed to while on LTIR and might cry foul), or if the League smells something funky about the entire situation.

Pronger is on Philadelphia's LTIR. Savard is on the Bruin's LTIR. They are de facto retired due to injury. Richards can still play, or might still want to.

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