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Originally Posted by Chaos Engine View Post
Hall has had one great (shortened) season, and a couple of sub-par, injury riddled seasons. I fully believe the Hall from this past year is the Hall we'll see from this point forward, but he hasn't proven he can stay healthy over 82 games, much less that he can sustain that level of offense.
Eberle has played under 200 games, somehow that's an argument that he's proven? Because in that time he's outscored a defensive specialist that played a mostly third line role? At this point in his career, Paul Stastny was a PPG center with a great two way game. **** happens.
Gagner isn't trending in any direction. Other than an anomalous lockout season, he's been a 40-50 point per 82 game season scorer. In the same period of time, Stastny has been a 50-80 point center (often with the worst wingers on the team) who plays a great defensive game. Gagner is, at best, proven mediocre.

As for the last comment, one of those players came via trade. The "worst team in the league" count still favors the Oilers 2-0.
Check out Hall's "sub-par seasons" with par being John Tavares:

Rookie season: Taylor Hall - 0.65 ppg, John Tavares - 0.64 ppg
Sophomore season: Taylor Hall - 0.87 ppg, John Tavares - 0.85 ppg
Third season: Taylor Hall - 1.04, John Tavares - 0.99 ppg

Is Hart Trophy nominee John Tavares proven? BTW Hall has outscored the 'proven' Matt Duchene in all but his rookie season with more games lost to injury.

Eberle has proven himself at every level and only finished 6 points behind Duchene this season despite playing with a broken finger. How did Duchene do at playing through injury last year?

If you think a 40-50 point second line centre is mediocre I don't know what to tell you.

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