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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
We aren't forced to take lowest bidder unless that's how the bid is setup.

The reason it's been outsourced is because the companies in Edmonton aren't being forced to work for so cheap. Why you might ask, because they have enough work in this economy. It's actually probably a good sign that things are being outsourced.
The Edmonton firms as cited have been laying off staff. So if follows that they likely don't have enough current work.

Labor cost ftr is one part of Alberta inefficiency. Economies of scale and having difficulty competing with a larger firm like Structal is probably more the issue at hand here.

But with this deal we're furthering a wealthy, huge, Quebec firm, ignoring our own economic diversification, all with public monies, while wondering why we don't have a diversified economy in place.

I worry about where this province is headed.

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