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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Yeah, ignore the rest of my post and go right to this.

You've had a grudge against MS since the start of this as far as I've seen, illogical one from my perspective. But fine, that's your prerogative. But you're 100% speculating someone couldn't get to the internal hard drive if they wanted to and clone it onto a larger drive. When frankly, it doesn't matter if you can or can't get to it since space won't be an issue thanks to the external stuff.

I'd rather a 500 internal than the $150 custom fit 120gb hard drive they peddled before. For $150 I could buy a 2TB WD external usb 3.0 drive.

You've also been pushing this DRM and used game stuff as if it were already written in stone. Keep some objectivity, the people who cried always on internet sure look silly now.

There hasn't even been a peep out of some of the biggest benefits for the xbox update. Going to x86 aligns the xbox with Win8 and WP8. Developers could theoretically develop for all platforms simultaneously, creating a better experience everywhere for everyone.

The Azure stuff brought up before could be a huge differentiator between Live and PSN. Not only with multiplayer implications but even single player.

There's this ridiculous stigma attached to MS by a generation slighted by them that can't seem to grow up and it's pretty pathetic.

Real estate agents aren't there to take money from people, they are there to handle the point to point sale of property and represent their clients so they don't get abused on the market by lying sellers or buyers. They know the people needed to get the job done right. They themselves only see a fraction of the closing costs that home owners think they get, it's actually quite sad how many people think real estate agents get rich off the sales. Between taxes they pay on it, the 75% going to other parties, they themselves don't see a whole lot after spending sometimes more than a month working with someone, during hours that suit them (nights, weekends, etc).

If the extra income going to publishers benefits the consumer in the end, it's worth it. If not, you'll find publishers with draconian terms get lowered sales. What's funny is people think that the xbox will be the only console dealing with this. If publishers can implement a native restriction on used game sales, it will prevent them from using other things like online passes, which they will implement on PS4 if Sony doesn't offer them support natively.

So it isn't going to be just the xbox doing this and frankly, I trust xbox to handle it better than Sony after their brilliant hacking problem.

I think the Kinect problems are fair, I keep mine turned around all the time since I'm sure one day someone will fine a way to bypass their security once they are in every room in the house. I haven't yet made my decision on whether I like it or not, but I do know it is nice to use sometimes and annoying during others.
So by your (and Microsoft's) reasoning we shouldn't be able to lend/borrow DVD's, CD's, Blu-Ray's and Books to/from our friends.

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