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05-22-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
You mean they didn't start a goalie with a hip injury over Vezina-season Ryan Miller - who was a .935 leading up to February? What a shocking development. Tell me, who was Henrik Lundqvist's competition? Jonas Gustavsson? Mikael Tellqvist?

Is that where we're going next? Comparing Tim Thomas to Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick and wondering why he doesn't outplay them as well as Lundqvist outplays Gustavsson and Tellqvist?
Come on. Quick wasn't the Quick before 11–12 and while Miller had a great season he wasn't exactly Hasek or Roy, more like Jim Carey. Miller is what Carey would have turned out to be if he only cared an ounce more about the game. If Thomas had an injured hip why was he even on the team? That doesn't sound like a good tactic if the No. 1 goalie falters. But yeah, you know when I think about it your goalies are so great I wonder how it's even physically or metaphysically possible to score a goal on them?

And Tellqvist? Pfft, he wasn't even on the team. You know you have great depth at the goalie position when you have to leave out a guy like Tellqvist.

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