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05-22-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by LickTheEnvelope View Post
On a software decision? No. The point was it's much more likely that hardware decisions are made now than minor software decisions that they can change at any time...

My take would be that I don't think the "always on" is going to be a big deal. The impression I get is that it will be mostly dependent on the game itself.

The "lending games" thing it sounds very much like everything is going to be profile attached (a-la Steam)... Really none of this affects me OTHER than I hope this leads to better pricing across the console if people are paying more often I hope they get discounts and the money goes to devs.
I really can't see MS going the way of Steam in the sense of slashing the hell out of game prices. Even PS+ cuts can only go so far (maybe like 25% off at most or something for brand new games). With Steam, you also don't have to pay to play online either. But still, being able to pay $20 (let's say for the upcoming sale of Tomb Raider on Amazon) instead of $60 on a new game, really does make that idea of not-sharing that much less important. Also, consoles have always meant to have multiple people playing on it, unlike a PC (it would be really awkward to have many people trying to use the PC at once, even though some games support it), so sharing will always be a part of console gaming.

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