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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Nice link.

Interesting that the deduction at the end is that the Wings learn this from the best player in the world ( I agree) Pavel Datsyuk.

Man, the Hawks look disorganized and in shock compared to the Wings. I still maintain the Hawks won the cup in a year where opposition was notoriously weak.

I've not seen the Hawks win many series against completely dedicated efforts from opponents.

ps just as a further point Badger Bob Johnson had the Calgary Flames often pressuring the more skilled Edmonton Oilers like this. Its not all that new. Their whole club moved in very similar 5 man units to outman the Oilers everywhere. The key of course being to develop quick passing to break the contain. You need a breakout system, and speed and skill to beat the system. Guys like Anderson could make systems like this pay. Few players that are like him.
The 2010 Cup Winning Hawks had one of the best cup winning rosters within the last decade. I guess you can still make the argument the opposition was weak, but the Hawks were an unbelievably good team. The only really ? was goaltending.

The 2013 Hawks are a different team than the 2010 team.

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