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05-22-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Logic. Why would the Canucks buy him out towards the beginning of next season when all of the quality free agents will likely be gone by then? As you've said yourself, what use is unused cap space to the team? The only reason why I am in favour of buying him out is because there is an opportunity to improve on him with that cap space, but if the players we would be targeting are all signed elsewhere then what is the point?

But then, even if you buy him out, there's no guarantee that you are getting an upgrade via FA regardless. Said player could pass on coming to VAN. Could want too much. etc... We could be left with a downgrade, is that better? Logic.

Edit: That makes sense, thanks opendoor. So there's still the trade market. Booth could be traded, but that will likely be a net negative if the proper value isn't brought back. It seems its not as easy to just get rid of Booth, there must also be caveats. One wonders why that is, if all others want to do is get rid of him?

Looks like a pretty crappy lineup for next year if you ask me. I don't see how this team gets out of the first round, and wouldn't at all be surprised if they miss the playoffs. I guess we need a fourth straight embarrassing offense for change to happen, eh?

The Oilers are always in need of fans. Maybe their roster would be more to your liking?

I have no issues with bringing the same core back. Surrounded by better depth, they should do better. And if the offense fails to click again, then better depth will have to be brought in. The core, however, seldom changes.

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