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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I don't know, what side of the Vokoun debate do you think I am on? I think he's always been a very good goalie.
Well then, where do you think he fits into all of this? Four teams since 2005, always between .917 and .926. Cumulative is higher than Lundqvist. Doesn't have much of a playoff resume, but he's looked strong when he gets to play. Top-five in save percentage four times to Lundqvist's three. Does the fact that Florida is hard on a goalie's Win/Loss record (subsequently leaving him with few Vezina votes) preclude him from Lundqvist's company, or are we saying that 11 extra games per year is the important factor?

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
You're overstating my degree of skepticism. I think it's quite possible he was the best goalie in the league for those two seasons; I just think the margin of victory (sv%) distorts what the difference actually was.
Perhaps I am, but if you believe Julien distorts a save percentage by more than .007 or .008 to the point that someone else possibly should be carrying Tim Thomas' Vezina trophies, then I must ask, who would it have been? Particularly in 2009, when most agreed that his closest competition was a Hitchcock goalie?

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Yes, in retrospect it will help Thomas' case if Rask turns out to be a true star that always greatly outplays his backups and posts high numbers regardless of who his coach is. That's a fair thing to say. On the other side of the coin, in two seasons if New Jersey brings in someone like Brian Elliott and the team continutes to allow 23 shots per game and he can rack up 40 wins each season by just posting a .910 save percentage, then it's going to play a part in reevaluation of Brodeur.
That's fair. Personally, I'm already there with Rask, especially after 2012-13.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
It's not as simple as saying that. these extra games wouldn't be tacked on the beginning or end of some season, they would be interspersed along the way, and they can affect what happens in the other games that have already been played due to the increased workload. Could he be "just" a .916 goalie over 2945 shots? Absolutely, in fact, it's silly that you would dismiss it as absurd. But it doesn't really have to be a question of whether that would happen. We can stick to what actually did happen.*Statistics do tend to regress to the mean in larger samples, that's why being proven in a larger sample is more impressive. In the end, the difference is one sv% point, in a 37% larger sample, with much less in the way of team and coaching question marks.
That was a charge made during the Top-40 project, and based upon his performance with an increased workload in 2005-06 and the 2011 playoffs, I don't believe there to be a reason to question his ability to play more than he did and at a very high level. And if you want to look at a larger sample of GP to get away from the one point save percentage difference over eight years, you can always check their career playoff statistics.

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