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05-22-2013, 02:48 PM
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Barkov's injury shouldn't even be a consideration unless it's potentially career altering (which there's no indication of it being). To not take him just because he could miss a couple of weeks of a season would be beyond foolish.

If Nichushkin doesn't make an NHL team right out of camp, he'll be back in the KHL for sure. He basically has two timelines to make the jump to the NHL; Immediately, or in 2 years when his Dynamo contract is up. The entire "contract termination" thing is only to improve his draft position.

As for the "Tbay and Preds like me" thing, agian, it's a way to get a team outside the top 5 to trade up and take him (thus, guaranteeing him a top 5 selection). Don't read too much into it. In fact, I'd be completely floored if either of those teams took him.

Stanislav Galiev tried the same thing to make sure he was a 1st rounder when he said the Oilers told him if he was available with their 2nd pick (the 1st pick in round 2 that year) that they were going to take him. The Oilers had 3 second rounders and the first pick in the 3rd round and passed on him all 4 times in that draft.

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