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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I am excited about Latendresse being on the team, don't get me wrong. It's indeed exciting to have someone that can both be a factor on the scoresheet and bang bodies as well, or at least has the potential to be that kind of player in the future.

But is he even 20 yet ? Has he ever played a NHL game before ? Has he broken any records anywhere at any levels ? Until he proves it on NHL ice, all this potential is meaningless and can amount to nothing in the end. Especially when it comes to powerforward. Most of them don't come unto their own until later in their career (ie Neely, Bertuzzi, Thornton, Iginla, etc). And, if you noticed a trend, they all came unto their own with another team than the one they started with except thornton, but a case could be made he was never as good with Boston as he was with SJ last season. To play that kind of game you need confidence in your offensive and physical abilities, good coaching and time to realize what is doable at the NHL level. He's not playing against 5'7 forwards no more. He'll face mans that are as big and as strong as him. People have to realize it might take a while for him to really be a factor at the NHL level as PF. And the way it's looking, it seems the less interested and dedicated habs fans aren't realizing this and expect him to dominate right off the bat or pull a Bergeron. And if he's not, I'm afraid people are going to point fingers everywhere (Carbo hates him and doesn't give him a shot, Koivu not being supportive of him and being a crappy leader, Latendresse being lazy himself, etc). When the medias have that bias they've built for themselves, you just know they'll see what they want to and not be objective about it. I remember when it was everyone's fault but Ribeiro's and Theodore's and that's exactly the kind of drama that gets old quick.

He's getting almsot as much attention in Montréal than Crosby was getting elsewhere. That's too much and that is possibly one of the reason why he was so exhausted at the end of training camp last summer. You could see that all the pressure had affected him. How could it have been otherwise, he probably wasn't expecting that much attention either. It wasn't good for him then, and it probably won't be this season either.

You just have to hope the medias will give him a little bit more room to breathe and concentrate on his very first NHL season. He has a lot on his plate. He doesn't need that much attention yet.

Just remember how things are at the moment. At least 80% of the Latendresse bandwagon has NEVER watched him play and no I'm not talking about the people on these boards. I'm talking about the average joe fan that is watching 110% and listening to CKAC who simply doesn't care to know any more and just swallow everything that is fed to him by the medias. I don't want to come off as condescending, or a english/french media hater but people do listen to some of these morons because they don't care or know where to look for real sources of informative journalism on the habs.

I'm just hoping that Latendresse has a head on his shoulders, won't buy into his own hype, work hard and not be influenced by all of what is said on him too much. That he won't lose confidence if things don't go as well as he expected. He does have a lot of potential and I hope he'll realize this potential at some point in the future.
Good post ! Although I would like to say that I am a bit ... hesitant about the ammount of intagibles / question marks on our roster.

The First line has Higgins and Ryder, who both are still pretty much question marks.
( Will Ryder repeat ? be more constant ? will Higgins show up again this year ? )

The Second line has Plekanec ( Will he be able to keep the '' light on '' with Samso and Kovy ?

The Third line has Mike Johnson, Bonk and Perezhgin wh are all question marks !

and the fourth is the only line that is '' basically no risk ''

Except for Latendress !

Intangibles everywhere !!!!

Including Defence and Goalie position

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