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Ares this is for you since you think I don't have any data to back up my opinion. Starting today and others that I have the time since Tigers believes the 3rd-4th-5th round is where a scout like Hunter makes his mark. I am of the opposite belief that the talent isn't really there so this is the first of three examinations of the 08-09-10 OHL drafts. It's not fair to judge 2011 and 2012. I broke down every pick by every team in 08 from 3rd to 5th round which is 60 player. Forgive the formatting. I decided to choose a rough number of 150 GP which is the equivalent of 2+ OHL seasons so that gives them their 17,18,19,20 year old season, some 16 year olds won't play early on due to later pick late bloomers etc.

After 60 picks in 08
16 players played over 150 which is a 23% success rate which is about 1 every 4 or 5 picks. Include Tinordi as well who is the exception coming over when he was 18, so 17. After breaking it down 16-17 players to reach 150 games doesn't even cover 1 player per team. The demand for players is always high but the supply isn't very high.

Most successful team was Owen Sound as far as GP

Tigers want to know why I don't get that upset at other GMs because look no further to this year very little production from the 3rd, 4th and 5th which is the conclusion of the top 100. You will have others that fall through the cracks but if only 14-15 players out of 60 hit how can you accuse other GMs of not doing their job when the talent just isn't there?

Teams Draft Picks GP
Barrie Michael Sgarbossa(3rd) 263 Stud
Dean Pawlaczyk(4th) 94 Never developed-suspensions
Mitch Bennett 111 Never developed

Belleville Scott Howe (4th) 102 Not productive out of the league 09/10
Brandon Stewart(5th) 2 NA

Brampton Cameron Wind(3rd) 291 Very productive OHL player
Branden Eden(3rd) 92+10(Q) Not productive
Phil Lane (4th) 171 Productive player NHL draft pick
Curtis Watson(5th) 0 Never played

Erie Mark Jones(4th) 0 Never played
Kevin Clare(4th) 0 Never played-Michigan
Adam Scully(5th) 0 Never played
Stuart Brownell(5th) 0 Never played

Guelph Shawn Crowley(4th) 0 Never Played
Dylan Wood(5th) 8 Not productive

Kingston Derek Froats(3rd) 130(GP) 14 goals rookie year, never got 14 the rest of his career
Stephan Herrington(4th) 0 Never played
Brock Higgs(5th) 0 Never played-RPI

Kitchener Alex Aleardi(3rd) 321 Very good OHL player
Branden Morris(4th) 108 Stuck around for a bit but only 1 full season in the OHL
Christopher McDougall(5th) 0 Never played

London Jared Knight(3rd) 250 Productive OHL career NHL draft pick
Jarred Tinordi(4th) 111 Productive OHL career NHL draft pick(before he arrived in London)
Chasen Balisy (4th) 0 Never played-WMU
Adam Clendening(5th) 0 Never played-BU

Niagara Mark Visentin(3rd) 166 Stud OHL goalie-NHL 1st rounder
Jesse Beamish(5th) 0 Never played-Dartmouth

Oshawa John Padulo(3rd) 179 Played 3 years, moved to USHL never scored more than 9 goals in a season OHL
Zach Shapiro(4th) 0 Never played

Ottawa Ryan Hanes(3rd) 279 Productive OHL career
Dalton Smith(4th) 179 Productive OHL career, better than Hanes, 2nd round NHL pick 21g year with Ottawa

Owen Sound Chris Brown(3rd) 55 Never produced in the OHL
Keevin Cutting(4th) 327 Very productive OHL career
Daniel Zweep(5th) 221 Stuck around to carve out a role for himself in the OHL

Peterborough Chris Buonomo(3rd) 241 Productive OHL career
Trevor Packard(5th) 0 Never played

Plymouth Jonathan Merrill(3rd) 0 Never played-Michigan, nhl pick
Brendan McCleskey(5th) 0 Never played

Saginaw Dylan Impens(3rd) 0 Never played
Dylan Fritze(3rd) 0 Never played
Matt Braun(4th) 15 Never produced in the OHL
Colin Greeley(4th) 0 Never played
Kyle Flemington(5th) 117 Never produced in the OHL(played over 4 years)

Sarnia Shane Rhyno(4th) 6 Never produced
Mitch Dunning(4th) 37 Never produced, bad injury
Mitch Zion(5th) 0 Never played

Soo Brandon Archibald(4th) 269 Productive career-NHL pick, retired
Michael Borkowski(4th) 0 Never played
Ryan Maclean(5th) 75 Never produced in the OHL
Brendan Childerley(5th) 271 Productive OHL career

St Mikes Majors Joseph Cramarossa(3rd) 235 Productive OHL career, NHL pick
Alex Cord(3rd) 196 Productive OHL career

Sudbury Steven Beyers(3rd) 188 Productive OHL career
Drew Collinson(3rd) 8 Never produced
Jake Cardwell(3rd) 270 Productive OHL career
Michael Capicotto(5th) 0 Never played

Windsor Stephan Johns(3rd) 0 Never played-ND(nhl draft pick)
Steve Gleeson(4th) 37 total games(Q included) Never developed
Derek Van Ness(5th) 0 Never played

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