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Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
Home ice sucks in international hockey, because of all the pressure. Finland won in Slovakia 2011, Bronze in Vancouver 2010. But they failed twice in the bronze final 2012 and 2013.
Yes that was a pretty odd comment since both countries did better away from home.

Finland at home finished 4 and 4, away they finished 3, 6, 1 (avg: 3.3).
Sweden at home finished 6 and 1 (avg: 3.5), away they finished 5, 3, 2 (avg 3.3).

The same is true for Slovakia who finished 10th at home while they ended up 4, 12, 2, 8 away (avg 6.5).

Canada on the other hand benefited from being at home, finishing 1st in Vancouver. Away from home they were 7, 5, 5 and 5.

It's obvious Canada's 2010 result is an outlier solely explained by the home ice and as such has no meaning and should be disregarded altogether.

Germany also did better at home finishing 4th while they couldn't place better than 7th when playing away.

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