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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
Well, the flaw in your argument is games played. Tyler Biggs single season has more value than alot of 2nd and 3rd round picks.

The second flaw in the argument is that anyone drafted in the 2010 draft would have only played 204 total games. If they missed the first year (which most non top 40 guys do) they won't qualify, your automatically taking a full draft out of the mix. Tell the Colts that guys like Josh MacDonald and Erik Bradford are 'flops'. I guess the Battalion shouldn't use Brendan Miller on the powerplay anymore, he didn't make the team right away. A player whose hurt for a year, hes a flop. Poor Connor Crips and Jake Worrad. Connor Brown didn't make it right away either, he's now a 30 goal scorer.

I found all those names off of 3 teams. I could look at 17 others?

Second, your ignoring the failure to develop. Some teams are poor developers of talent. If you take a kid in the second and don't develop him, that doesn't make it a poor pick, that makes it a poor organization.

You can't look at a draft with a pre-conceived notion, create a formula that fits that notion, and think that it works.

By picking 150 games, you've eliminated any player in the 2010 draft who didn't make the team right off the bat. Not sure if that's strategic or not...

I found those in 10 minutes. Give me more time to think and Im sure ill find other flaws.
So I can do 09-10 in another year. I see you never addressed the 08 findings. What kind of formula should be made 08 3-5 round was poor and their careers are over in the league. Should I go back to 07, 06?

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