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Originally Posted by Jisatsu View Post
Fighting in pay to play hockey is ridiculous. You want to pay to fight? Join a mma/bjj club or a boxing gym. I'm here to embarrass other fat old guys, not fight. I get enough of that macho mumbo-jumbo at my work, I don't need it on the ice.

Even when play gets rough with the guys I play with, we all just smile shrug it off and laugh. Good times had by all. I won't play A-league any more because of wanna be hot heads.
In my experiences the lower the level of players you play with the more hot heads there is. My theory is these guys are new and are not used to contact despite hockey being a contact sport and take it personally.

But I agree fighting in beer league is stupid. The only way I would fight somebody is if I was defending myself or somebody did something to me so unbelievably stupid like try to injure me on purpose and I completely flipped my lid.

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