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05-22-2013, 03:37 PM
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Time for an Inspiration thread

Hey, I'm depressed (not to mention angry, sad, etc.) too, but you people are REALLY depressing me! Jeez, there is a huge thread about NEXT SEASON already!

So here is a list of some teams that battled through adversity and won games/series I would have bet were absolutely impossible:

1. Jets win at New England a few years ago in the playoffs, not long after the Jets were thoroughly embarrassed there in a regular season game. This game still makes Mike Francesa twitch.

2. US Olympic hockey team, a group of college kids beating the best team on the planet...also not long after they were thoroughly embarrassed by the Russians at MSG.

3. The Red Sox (ugh...I'm a Yankee fan) coming back from down 3-0 after three straight butt-kickings in games 1-3.

4. The Diamondbacks beating the immortal Mariano Rivera in 2001. Ugh again...but it qualifies.

5. The Aaron Boone comeback game...let's restore some order around here!

6. Tim Tebow beating the Steelers in a playoff game.

7. Joe Namath and the Jets beating the Colts in 1969.

8. Carolina with two late goals in game seven a few years ago to knock Fatso and the Devils out of the playoffs.

9. UConn needing to run the table in the Big East tournament to get to the NCAA tournament, doing it...then running the table in the NCAA tournament as well.

10. The Rangers coming back from down 3-0 to beat the Bruins in 2013.

Feel free to add ones I missed!

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