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Originally Posted by Slowe View Post
Eastern push fell apart. The east coast junior hockey scene is a bit of a mess right now. The top teams of the EJHL including Lewiston are breaking off to form a new "elite" league called the USPHL. It will still be tier 3 pay to play. The USHL is no longer part of the conversation.

Marion Indiana can't ge financing together to build their planned arena so no go there.

Indianapolis is likely looking at ECHL but nothing solid yet.

The most likely chance for expansion barring something completely out of the blue will be the Quad Cities whenever the CHL falls apart. I would have liked some potential conversation about Peoria and Bloomington, but they just jumped to the SPHL.

So in short, nothing obvious. If anyone hears of anything I'd be curious though.
I would like to see the USHL add former CHL markets, the league seems to be shrinking fast with the ECHL and now SPHL taking pieces from its footprint. If some of the top few CHL teams are eventually absorbed into the ECHL there could be some good arenas and markets for the USHL to move in. There's also some former UHL/IHL markets that could be potential for USHL to expand into.

Also We'll see how the SPHL works in Peoria and Bloomington, I especially think Bloomington and Quad Cities would work well in the USHL. The SPHL in Peoria could be temporary until the city can return to the ECHL.

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