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05-22-2013, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by koh19 View Post
Detroit fan here, watched your game last night, here's my 2 cents:

I agree that this was by far not your best game. Lundqvist and Zucharello were perhaps the only two players who managed to have a good game. Your PP was atrocious, Pierre McGuire seemed to have the same opinion (), you had no energy, no motivation, you couldn't get 2 passes in a row

But to be honest, the Bruins are just better than you guys. Sure you played a very poor hockey game but they basically have the same team they had when they won the cup two years ago. Boston's team is built for this type of situation, their lineup is amazing, their tough guy does the best job in the league IMO, their 4th line is great, would probably pass as a 3rd line on most teams. These guys know how to get it done, they've been there. They've also had to go through quite a few challenges (e.g. 3-0 series lead, 3-0 game 7 lead, we all know how it ended).

Now I know you guys are pissed at a lot of things (Sather, overpaid stars that play on the 4th line, Tortorella, getting outcoached, Nash,...) but you gotta remember, you've made the 2nd round of the playoffs 2 years in a row now. It's truly unfortunate that you have to play the Bruins because I think that they would beat anyone at this point, they'd even give the Pens a run for their money.

I also want to remind everyone that without that 3rd period fluke goal by the Bruins and with a Rangers win, I think you'd all have a slightly different opinion on the state of things.

Plus you guys are still in this series, until they win the 4th game, you have to have faith in the team.
thx for the analysis man

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