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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
2) If you're skating in on a breakaway a lot of the time goalies will retreat right up to the goal line too quickly which opens up a ton of options. I prefer to try and hold my ground as long as possible and poke check to break it up. I've learned the hard way that "retreating" opens up way to many options for the shooter.
What I used to do is back up as they came in, but wouldn't go too deep in the net. It would usually bait the shooter into taking a shot, and then I'd come out a little bit and cut down the angle. If they tried to do a move, I'd still be in position to do a poke check or adjust laterally.

Most goalies struggle with the 5 hole deke. Behind the net stuff usually only works on very shaky goalies. The forehand to backhand roof on a breakaway also works wonders. And low shots are almost always better than roofing it. Unfortunately, since I played goalie my whole life and only recently started playing wing, I have really bad habits sometimes when it comes to shooting and don't score as much as I should haha.

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