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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
If you mean ready as in NHL-ready, then yeah sorta...for 4th line duty. If you mean ready as in top 6 ready, then he's not truly ready. He could use a little more time in the AHL to keep developing the offensive game a bit more.I dont think Weiss is gonna agree to a deal at 5M/yr because he could get at least that on the open market. Moreover, he's going to want a long term deal and I dont see him doing just 4 yrs. Even if we draft MacKinnon, we need to maintain the depth at center. Weiss would at least give us 2 top 6 centers until one of Bjugstad and/or Shore are established NHLers. Even as those 2 establish themselves, Weiss would fit in fine as a 3rd line center and eventually a 4th liner as he gets older.

You mention Goc but he's only signed thru next season, and I can see him able to cash in via free agency more than what we will pay him (especially since we have Shore & Bjugstad). Trocheck, as others have said, could potentially be a winger but he's got a lot to prove at the professional level before you factor him in to the lineup.

As far as Weiss not being able to break 60pts, I think people are not really understanding what a top 30 center in the NHL does point-wise. Last yr, Weiss with 57 pts was good enough for 22nd in the entire league among centers in scoring. That means he's at least a top 6 center on just about every team in the league. For the last several yrs, he's been underpaid and he's going to want to get paid as a free agent. With the free agent pool very limited (as I've shown), there's not much better than him out there.
You assume Richards is gonna be bought out this summer and thats not something you can count on. The Rangers have the cap space this summer to still carry him next season. They could just as easily try to trade him next yr before they try to buy him out and I could see some teams being interested in him. And if not, then they can still buy him out after next season with a compliance buyout without it hurting their cap situation. They have 2 summers (this one and next one) to use the 2 compliance buyouts and they have used one on Redden so they may be reluctant to use the other right away.

Also remember that he only wanted to play in NY and that limited where he was going to end up. I dont know that you convince him to come down to FL even on an overpriced deal. I think he would rather stay in a big hockey market than end up with us.
I'm not sure what you're talking about with Matthias. I guess you're assuming that he is traded because he wasnt mentioned in the previous group of players. Thats a possibility but I think the point was that we have a lot of depth with Bjugstad & Shore probably capable of filling a center role on the team soon and with MacKinnon as well, that leaves very little space for other guys in the lineup.

Tallon is going to be smart and will negotiate with Weiss to get a good deal for both sides. I seriously doubt Tallon only offers up a 2 yr deal because there's no way Weiss would go for that, he'd just leave then. Tallon is probably trying to get him to come down from a max length (8 yr) or anything longer than a 5 yr deal then work out numbers. Keep in mind that while Weiss' cap hit this yr was still only $3.1M, his actual salary was $4.1M and with the lockout, he lost some of that money. I think he's going to have to get a deal over $5M at the bare minimum regardless of where he signs.
yeah, i forgot to include if he gets bought out i guess. i don't know if any big team would want to gamble on him though. ideally it would be a 1-2 year deal to see what he got. he might want out of a big market since he wasn't successful in one. however i doubt we'll land him

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