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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
As for the Killers, apparently the new album is getting better reviews than the first...

And they aren't emo they're Pop-Rock/Alternative....If everyband/artist that talks about their girlfriends cheating on them or whatever then 95% of all bands/artists would be Emo. Don't pretend like you know a damned thing about music, mon ami.
Okay, I do agree with you to a certain degree. Sometimes emo is oftenly overused on bands which happen to just have a few emo-esque songs. But fact is they alternative is a nice way of saying "Emo but we don't wanna call ourselves it" and 50% of the time it's the same thing with Pop-Rock man. You may aswell have said "And they aren't emo they're emo/emo" lol. The guy sings a song about how his gf is cheating on him, how he knows and see's it happening but he's too much of an emo ***** to do anything about it. Sorry I don't care, if your that in love with a chick that u would let her cheat just to stay with her, your an emo kiddy. And if you sing about that your an emo kiddy. They dress emo, they sing emo, they where emo and they PURPOSELY personify themselves in an emo-esque way because they know that's what's popular and that isn't music guys, that's marketing. I wanna listen to music people made because they were trying to be creative. If they make money off of it fine, but fact is their songs take very little creativity to make and the guys monotone horrible voice gets so annoying. The songs are retarded and easy to play. A Child could write better lyrics and guitar licks. They're pathetic.

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