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05-22-2013, 04:46 PM
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I do not subscribe to the draft BPA theory,especially with this management team.
In a perfect world you draft the best player on your board.
Because you have good prospects for offensive and defensive players.
There is no way a center is always the BPA when you pick.

The proof of drafting wrongly year after year is the lack of any decent top end defensive prospects.
A balanced farm system does not consist of only top line centers.

But in real life you need to be flexible and think to the future.
You need to draft for need, you need to recognize your weakness and plan for retirement of older players.

Our Management Team has a win now mentality and a track record of losing.
It is time to change this backward thinking.
They build this team backwardly from the offense in - instead of from the goal crease out.

Their Plan to continue to draft centers to trade for #2 defensemen is the definition of insanity.

Stop the Insanity!!!
I would prefer to develop our own PMD but since we have none, I suggest we must trade some of our extra centers for a PMD.
It will cost us more of our current assets but, we need a PMD now.

In addition to stop the Cycle of Insanity I suggest we draft a PMD #1 so we have something useful when Timmo retires.
And continue to draft a Defenseman #1, atleast once every 3 years to supply us with a more balanced farm roster.

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