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05-22-2013, 08:27 PM
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My thoughts based on the poll...

Monahan is my pick between the two, but it's close. I would be happy with either, and would prefer they keep the pick if one of these two is available. I have only seen Lindholm play twice (full games), and Monahan about 5 games, but i bet i have seen every available video on both guys at this point.

Based on mostly video and scouting reports, this is how i see it.

Monahan - Pretty much a lock to at least be a solid #2 center with a good two way game, and could still end up with first line skills. This is the biggest lure for me, since he is already so well developed, and is really a "can't miss" type of player. We can't afford a miss with this pick if we keep it. Has above average size, wins a ton of face-offs, and pretty good offensive upside. His offensive upside is the biggest unknown IMO, since he played on such a crappy team. Did he get those points because he was the go too guy, playing 22 min a night? Or is it the other way, and he would have easily cracked 100 points with better line mates? Another bonus, is that we could see this guy coming in on the 3rd or 4th line this year, ALA Couturier or Galchenyuk even (wing). At the very least he should get the 9 games. Despite how much some people will cry about it, I really wouldn't want to send him back to the crappy 67's team, that is for certain (and the main reason).

Lindholm - He looks like he could be an elite #1 center, but the transition from the SEL can be tough to predict. Lindholm is a good two way player as well, and much more physical than Monahan. I remember reading in a thread about him that he had over 90 hits in the SEL this year, which apparently is pretty good over there. He is a much better skater, and seems to have his own version of the "Hall Deke". He is great at using this to gain the zone, and it almost always seems to work. When he is playing center i notice that he is particularly great around the opponents net, like seriously dominating, front and back. He may only be 6', 195 lbs, but if you have seen him play you would not be worried about his size. Think Ryan O'Rielly build in a few years. If he didn't spend half of this season playing right wing i would easily have him ahead of Monahan. Even that probably isn't sound reasoning for myself, since he looked so good at center, and this is where the Oilers would use him.

Anyways i am not a scout or anything like that, but this is what i think of these two players. I am an even bigger fan of Barkov, but i see no reason to trade up as long as one of these beauties drop to us.

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