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Originally Posted by NYR957 View Post
MSG was granted a 15-year permit for the arena. But the document details some interesting plans for the areas outside the arena the Garden has.

"The entrance areas to Penn Station at the northwest and southwest corners of the MSG Site would be visually delineated with decorative concrete unit paving, arranged in an elliptical pattern. Wayfinding signage, informational signage, and plaza identification plaques would be introduced to improve pedestrian orientation, and etched logos of the Arena and its major sports teams would be set into the pavement. Semicircular benches with LED underlighting would be installed to create seating clusters. Existing round vent structures located adjacent to the Penn
Station entrances would be clad with a metal screen, depicting images associated with the Arena, and would be wrapped with additional bench seating.

MSG proposes to enliven the West 31st Street and West 33rd Street streetscapes at the pedestrian level by adding interpretative pavement inlays commemorating significant people and events associated with the MSG Arena’s history, as well as by vitrines to be installed on the facades of the MSG Complex. A metal screen with visual imagery would be installed around the portion of the Taxiway located to the north of the Pedestrian Bridge and the adjacent open areas, used for Arena loading operations, so as to visually screen and demarcate such loading areas. The portion
of the Taxiway located directly beneath the Pedestrian Bridge would be enhanced with new lighting and with “Garden of Dreams” pavers that recognize contributions to the charitable Garden of Dreams Foundation."

Also has some info on the signage they want to put outside on the west side. Pages 16 and 17 here:
this proposal is by a city councilwoman, Amanda Burden, who probably being bribed by Jim Dolan. It's a 15 year permit extension but with provisions that the permit becomes permanent if MSG makes a few improvements here and there to Penn station.

IMO for the permit to be permanent, MSG should give up its property tax exemption and pay its fair share

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