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05-22-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
can anyone tell me what has actually happened to david freeman and his involvement with the team?

did the other owners buy him out and he's gone? or is he still the largest single shareholder but since he doesnt own 51% did all the other owners band together and say "we'll keep your money but you arent running things any more"

dont get me wrong, I REALLY like the way Cigarran is running the team now, but if I was Freeman I'd be pretty pissed (unless of course he realized he was in over his head and is happy to give up the reins)

also does anyone know the percentage of the team that each owner has? specifically how much of the team do Woo and Wilson each own?
Freeman is still there. Don't know what percentage everyone owns. If Freeman didn't put himself out there as he did when the Boots issue arose, we wouldn't be here today. Can't overlook that or thank him enough. I believe Freeman is still the majority shareholder, however is not the Chairman of the Board.

Woo had to sell his shares as part of the Boots bankruptcy hearing, however was allowed to buy back in and is a partner at a larger stake than he initially was in for.

Wilson is definitely in there, but no idea how much he owns. It's minimal in terms of he doesn't have anywhere close to the majority share, but it's something and I believe at some point he has upped his stake in the past two seasons.

Cigarran is the Chairman of the Board and allows Cogen and Henry to run the day to day operations of it all. Poile runs the hockey side. He's a good CEO, he empowers people to do their best and generally stays out of their way while always keeping an eye on things so they don't get too far away.

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