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Originally Posted by major major View Post
Also not saying we should or shouldn't, but I'd guess Johansen plus the 14th gets us somewhere in the 5-7 range.

If I was the Canes, I would want to win now while the Staal's are in their primes, and I'd look to trade the 5th pick for Johansen and Tyutin. The Oilers are another team that might do that, in their case being sick of draft picks and wanting to trade for defence and certainty.

I probably wouldn't do Johansen and Tyutin for the 7th, but I probably would for the 5th, just because Lindholm has sky-high upside. You don't know if he'll even be better than Johansen alone, but he has a chance to be much much better, and I'd trade for that.

BTW, none of this should be read as giving up on Johansen. I'm still operating on the assumption that he'll be a player of decent character, probably a good all-around second line center.
There is no way I trade Johansen unless were getting into the top 4 and its not likely seeing how we will be playing carolina A LOT. And trading Johansen for a younger unproven kid only sets this organization back. Now maybe Tyutin and a pick to move into the top 10 to grab a player like shinkaruk or nichushkin if they fall. Who kmows maybe Barkovs injury scares teams off. Or Monahan gets looked over because he hasnt doesnt much lately.
Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
I do Johansen and the #14 pick ... only if it gets us into the top-4. Why? Because Ryan Johansen has already shown that he can play in the NHL, and has already carved a niche for himself as a potential shutdown center. The guys at the draft have nothing like that, only potential. For me, to trade a young (under-21) NHL player - particularly one that you drafted 4th overall - and a middle-first round draft pick, the return had better be humongous. I'd settle for one of Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin, or Barkov ... Lindholm is a stretch. Maybe with the 19th or 22nd pick in the 14th pick's place.

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