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05-23-2013, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
from my experience in beer league going on 16 years no i have found 3 spots pure money for goals.

- fake shot then deke backhand (breakaway) this makes the goale freeze for the shot, most will still read that you havent shot within a second but they always overcompesate to make the pad save 5 hole turns into 900 hole.

- wrist shot along the ice bottom corners. our goalie told us one time that when he sees someone pulling back a wrist shot he assumes top cheese. how many guys really take wrist shots along the ice.

- shortside this works wonders on 2 on ones because that goalie is playing the pass wether he admits it or not. he cheats you look pass then fire shortside.
So true! lol

I played goalie from age 10-28, my gosh, that first year, I got burnt like crazy on the ice. I have seen some crazy moves, but with each year I grew in the position, goalie was really all about the training and practice for me. I found I played the most consistent on shots when I was just not thinking about it, save, ok time to think again.

Now that I am getting older, I am playing as a forward. I will tell you one thing, I feel my on ice vision has gotten that much better thanks to goal-tending forever.

My favorite shots:

-1 foot off the ice towards the blocker post.

-Short side (short side top shelf against the one knee down post huggers).

-Forehand fake to the back hand, bite city right there.

-Hard wrister or snap on the ice.

-anything on the backhand really, not many people have a decent backhand.

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