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05-23-2013, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
hey - i know this has nothing to do w/ your avatars but since your guys are the most tech savvy on this board...i figured i'd ask you any ways...i was wondering whether any of you had a program (or the knowledge for a 9 or 10 second .gif). i've done 10 second gifs before - including off youtube - but this video is giving me problems (and a couple of friends i've asked)...maybe you will know?

for Hawks purposes, i'm wondering whether it's possible (for me or for any of you if you are in an extremely generous mood??) to do a gif from about 1:23 to 1:32 (or even 1:31) off this video.

i guess more specifically - i'm wondering if i can get a clip of wayne starting to climb from the cave until he stands outside? or even from 1:26 - 1:31 when the crowd cheers and he climbs out.

sorry..i wouldn't ordinarily harass you guys like this...but i don't know any other board w/ people who know how to do these types of things...and my many attempts all failed.

i just want the gif for inspiring reasons...b/c it's analogous to the hawks current situation
You should probably ask in the playoff photoshop/gif thread on the main board. There are a lot of tech savvy people in there. I don't know if many will see the post since it is in the Avatar thread. You could also try to post it in our photoshop/gif thread and see if someone could help. I would help you out but I'm still learning how to do this stuff and wouldn't fair better than you.

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