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05-23-2013, 04:52 AM
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This would be my lineup for OG 2014...RIGHT NOW. I'm counting on that Landeskog bounces back/takes another step next season and that both Silfverberg, Zibanejad and Larsson takes another step.

- The Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson line is a no brainer after this WCH. Great chemistry!
- The Landeskog-Backstrom-Silfverberg line might not look awesome on paper today but I think that both Landy and Silfver could be 60 pts players next season. The line have a good mix of playmaking (Backstrom), grit (Landy) and a shooter (Silfver).
- The Steen-Z-Franzén line could be used for both a shut down role and scoring. When playing Canada, Russia and USA, I would use this line for shutting down the opponents first line. Against the other teams this should be an effective scoring line.
- The Hagelin-Berglund-Zibenejad line should be used as a checking line. Good mix of speed and grit with some skill and goal scoring capacity.
- Extra forward would be Marcus Johansson. He can play both center and wing and has great speed on the big ice surface. Hornqvist could be an alternative, but mainly for having the Holmstrom role on PP. Paajarvi, Backlund, Stalberg, Krüger and Nyquist could definitely make the team if they have a great season. I think Alfredsson will retire after this season.

D. Sedin - H. Sedin (A) - L. Eriksson

Landeskog (A) - Bäckström - Silfverberg

Steen - Zetterberg (C)- Franzén

Hagelin - Berglund - Zibanejad

M. Johansson

Defense is a tough one because we have so many options. The only locks IMO would be Karlsson and OEL. All the others are depending on what kind season they have. I think Larsson will have a breakthrough season next season and that puts him on the team..

- The Hedman-EK pairing. They had good chemistry in the WJC a few years ago. Should complement each other well. Great mobility.
- The OEL-Adam Larsson pairing. OEL will be close to a Norris contender and I think Larsson will have kind of a breakthrough season next year. They played together in the WJC and had good chemistry. Edler could easily take Larssons spot but Larsson has the advantage of being a RD and shooting right.
- The Enstrom-Hjalmarsson pairing. I think they should complement each other well. Enstrom with his great mobility and Hjalmarsson has been great on the big ice and in the NT before. I think Hjalmarsson is the most defensively responsible dman we have.
- 7th defenseman would be Murray. Maybe a surprise for many. He's had a pretty bad season but seem to have bounced back nicely after coming to the Penguins. I pick him for his great character and physical game. Hockey is a team game and he makes the team more complete with his attributions. He is a bad skater and should play pretty sheltered minutes but he should be a good attribution playing SH in front of our crease against Canada, Russia and USA. We have nobody else on our team team that can clear the crease with his authority. He is also I guy that would really stand up for his team mates when the going gets tough. Something we have badly needed before, like when Forsberg was boarded by Niedermayer and nobody did a **** about it.
N. Kronwall, Edler, Brodin, J. Ericsson, Grossmann, Tallinder and Oduya etc would all be very close to making the team. Kronwall and Edler are LD and I would prefer Hedman, OEL and Enstrom over them on that position on big ice. These three are better skaters than Kronwall and Edler. Both Edler and Kronwall are very good but they also seem to enter long stretches of really bad defensive play. We can't afford them having such a period in the OG. If Brodin takes another big step next year, it would be hard to keep him off the team.

Hedman - E. Karlsson

OEL - A. Larsson

Enström - Hjalmarsson


Lundqvist is obviously #1
Anyone of Enroth, Markstrom, Lehner and Fasth could be #2 and #3. I'd pick Fasth and Enroth because they have recently had great success on big ice. Lehner hasn't played on big ice for a long time, so he would maybe be the last in line.


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