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Originally Posted by pucci2001 View Post
Leaf fan coming in peace, praying you guys smash the **** out of the Bruins for us. But yeah, this.

Torts has been the Ron Wilson of your team, he has never had a good powerplay(RW was PK but same difference), he has destroyed your potential superstars to reward blue collar guys which is fine but he has failed to coach superstars such as Gaborik, Nash, Richards, Hagelin(on the PP at least). I think they need to give the players a pass(even Richards unless you really don't mind buying him out for big $). Yeah the playoffs were disappointing but your coach is a side show, his press conferences and interviews are a joke,

Get someone in that can coach and is creative. You have some of the top players in the league, find a coach that can tap into their talent and make the most of them instead of just crap talk them and put them on the 4th line or take them off the powerplay. Get it done before Henrik's time is gone, you won't find another like him in decades - he is world class.
Hagelin is not a superstar. Most of the rest I agree with. Though Richards this year is not Torts' fault the guy is as washed up as washed up gets.

It's funny how fans of other teams have a really high opinion of the Rangers' roster and Rangers fans think it sucks. I'm much closer to fans of other teams with the caveat that some of our most important players have sucked in the playoffs. Stepan and Nash can turn it around. The Olympics are a good point about Nash. This is really his first SC playoffs, the first was a caveat against one of the best rosters post lockout, on a ****** team and he got 3 points in 4 games (not great, not bad). Callahan however I have all but given up as being a playoff performer. Maybe another coach can help. I really want Torts gone.

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