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My team as of now, full units (ie 8 D's) (man do we have a great shortage of right shooting D's):

1. Sedin-Sedin-Louie E

Comment: The top line is self explanatory.

Edler is on it because he knows the Sedin's and can fire the puck.

Rundblad is not a top 8 D for us, but its a darn pity that we only have one good right handed shot from the blueline (Erik Karlsson). Its extremely important for the Sedin's to have D's with the sticks pointing out towards the board so that they can (i) pinch in and keep the puck in the attacking zone, and (ii) jump into the play and fire away. Especially on the right side of the ice, because its from that corner Hank comes out with the puck. I see it as basically a must. And even more so if the Sedin's winger is a lefty like Loui.

Rundblad is not a bad D. He is excellent offensively. Edler is decent defensively. Id gamble on Rundblad. I just think that it is ridiculous to play the Sedins 5 on 5 again without having that right handed shot on the blueline that Danielsson had on the PP in the WCH's. So many plays they are make are built around having that option to drop the puck back to their right D who can one time it. A left-handed right D can't do that.

2. Zetterberg-Bäckstörm-Alfredsson
N Kronwall-Erik Karlsson

Comment: Its possible Alfie has retired in less than a handful of days, but until then I have him on my roster. He is a right hand sniper and Z and Bäckis needs that more than a Franzen to be honest. If Alfie isn't ready, I would probably have Silvferberg there. It depends a little on how Slifverberg looks next season.

I love Z with Bäckis. I've wanted them to play with each other for 4-6 years now. Z needs a Datsyuk. Z in his own right is an excellent playmaker, but he can also fire the puck and works well with another playmaker. So would Bäckis. Z would help him get up ice. Alfie is smart.

And in Erik Karlsson, Z and Bäckis gets 4th forward/sniper. Right handed on top of it all. Karlsson would fit well with the Sedins too, but this lines needs him even more. Erik Karlsson could score as much as any player in the tournament playing with Bäckström and Zetterberg. The Sedins more like just need the right handed shot (think Sami Salo), while Z and Bäckström could use a D that joins the play more.

3. Franzen-Berglund-Landeskog

Comment: A character line. Size like this could especially bother teams like the Finns, Slovaks, Swiss and the Czechs. But its also has alot of toughness and would be able to draw a line.

I find it extremely hard to pick the D's for this team. On this unit I want the best possible D we have, not offensively all together, but at getting the puck up ice. Just getting it into the attacking zone. Because its there this line should play. OEL is better than Brodin from the blue line and in, for sure. But I have some concerns on him. i) He is used to play a ton. ii) He still tends to screw up a bit when I see him play. He plays a ton, and in relation to his ice time the balance on the bottom line is good, but in a smaller role?

Brodin is also just fantastic at fetching pucks in his own end and getting them up ice. Fantastic. He needs to be followed closely early next season so that he doesn't get into a soapmore slump or something, but if he have kept developing Id go with him. Tallinder brings a defensive prescense. I think Tallinder, of the defensiveminded D's we have (Gustafsson, Hjalmarsson, Grossman, Oduya, J Ericsson and co) has the best mix of size, defense, big ice play, experience etc. Brodin isn't bad defensively. (Did Gustafsson or Tallinder play right D in the WCH's?)

4. Hagelin-J Lundqvist-Steen
OEL-Adam Larsson

Comment: I think the wingers are locks basically. Hagelin exploits any slow D he is put up against. He is decent on the PK. He is a bit avg on the circle. But he is absolutely world class on the forecheck. All teams will have their fair shares of older veterans on the blueline, used to playing on small ice in the NHL. Hagelin will bug the h*** out of those Ds on the big ice and give us an offensive punch from a 4th line. Steen is very underrated in Sweden, and is excellent in this type of role. Also gives us an offensive punch. He can scores with his shot.

The center position is of course tough. Joel knows many of the other players. He is a good character and good PKer. He isn't that good of a hockeyplayer though, but I am not sure what options we have... Jimmie Ericsson? Kreuger? Nah, I mean in the end a team structured like this one, will have two units that play 42-46 minutes when it really matters. That leaves 14-18 minutes to be diveded over the two other units. That 3rd line should be good for 14-16 of those minutes. This line shouldn't play that much. Around 6-8 minutes is enough. Joel Lundqvist could survive those minutes. As would Jimmie Ericsson. Hence Id go with either of them.

I've gambled alot on the D pairings above. I do think they make the most sense, but I want backup and the backup also fits the team well. Hence I decided to pick the best back-ups for Rundblad and Brodin on my 4th D pairing. OEL and AL has also palyed together before. I fear OEL more playing 15 minutes per night than I fear him playing 8 minutes a night. Like he is optimal in a 1st pairing and PPQB role. If he only plays regulary 5 on 5, but little PP and more of a defensive role, I think he could struggle some. If he plays 8 minutes he has no options but to play a more simple style.

Adam Larsson has grown on a regular baiss for NJD. He barely survived in the NHL last season. He has been OK this season. Good shot and decent with the puck, decent defensively, but not quite used to the pace/gets into problems at times. Normally kids like that grow alot when going from 19 to 20 to 21, ie I think he will be a solid top 4 D next season. With a good/great right shot. If Rundblad struggles, he could play with the Sedins.


1. Two excellent units.
2. Great PP.
3. Top goaltending.
4. A strong character 3rd line.
5. D's on all units who can create offense.
6. A 4th line that would contribute both ways.

1. PKing and especially set D-pairings for the penalty kill (Edler-Larsson/Kronwall-Karlsson/Brodin-Tallinder?)...
2. What do you get from Patrik Berglund? He has grown into the 3rd line center role quite well in STL, and has become more that type of player. But would he just be immobile on the big ice in the Olympics? I might have gone with Jimmie Ericsson isntead of PB...
3. Defensiveminded slash experienced/sneaky vets up front, this lineup has a shortage of them. Forwards on the bottom line who are very comfortable at just sitting back and trapping if needed when a ton is on the line.
4. Winners. Basically the same as 3.
5. Defense?

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