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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Not trolling. Honest question.

17 points in 98 games is not impressive to me.

If he were close to a point per game forward, I would never have posted what I did.
what a crazy thing to say. Why would anyone expect a ppg from an 18 year old in the SEL? It sounds more like you have very unrealistic expectations. To put it in prespective, Lars Eller played for Frolunda as an 18 year old, 14 games, 2 assists, -2. Granted it's different as Eller had never appeared in the SEL before that season and he turned 19 just as the season ended whereas Collberg did see half a season in the SEL as a 17 year old and 5 games in the SEL at age 16.

Also i'm not comparing the two as they are very different from what i've seen so far.

Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
Collberg's a fine prospect, but he's quickly becoming the most overhyped one in years. He's not a blue chipper by any means and some are talking about a shoe-in in the top 6.
Perhaps you are right but perhaps you are wrong. Collberg could easily be considered a blue chip prospect since it's going to fall under one's definition of what a blue chip prospect is. So definitions aside, yes Collberg could be one of the most overhyped prospects around here or maybe he's not overrated and is actually one of our top prospects. Personally I like him a lot and think he's going to be very good one day but i also haven't seen him a ton yet so I could easily be overrating him, time will tell. I would say he's a shoe in for the top 6 as well.

How did he look to you this season in the SEL and Hamilton?

Originally Posted by domdo345 View Post
Collberg will need to work on his explosion, agility and top speed to be a successful winger in the NHL. Right now, pretty much only his shot is NHL worthy.

As for the size, people live in the past conceptions that 6'0+ is tall. Not anymore. A 6'0 guy WILL look smallish on the ice (notice here I didn't say he could not be bulky at the same time). I would be surprised if the average height is under 6'2 to be honest.
I don't think he needs to work on any of those, he seems explosive enough, good agility and top speed. In Hamilton he could turn the jets on quickly enough and his skating stood out as being very good imo. I think the main concerns with him will be how he handles the physcial aspects on the smaller ice, if he will be able to put points on the board against the boston like teams but also not hurt the team with his play in his own end as well. If he can play decent in his own end and is willing to pay the price to get the dirty goals in the NHL then I think he could end up at worst being a solid top 6 winger that can be a good bit of fun to watch.

Agreed on the size part, have always read posts here that have some strange viewpoints on height. For me it goes back to stats in general, they can be very misleading, some look at just see a player is 5'11 or 6'0, there's no real difference between them since there are so many factors at play, bad posture, some players end up more naturally hunched slightly, etc.... One prime thing I look at is lower body strength, which won't show up in the stats but if you lack lower body strength and the frame to add then it's a big concern to me going forward.

But the Habs have been called smurfs for as long as I have been at HF, so I can see why some want the bigger, stronger, tougher players which imo this is what it's really about for them. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to see the Habs kick the crap out of boston and the leafs, in fact that's a common thing to want imo since it would always be a ton of fun to watch. But if you want to see the Habs get back to being a team that contends for the cup consistently, they are going to need better players which may or may not mean bigger/tougher/stronger. But that won't stop people from complaining about size or lack of.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Thanks for this reply. I was simply asking a question and did not realize that I would have offended so many people by asking it.

How would you compare him to Galchenyuk (yes, I know, Collberg is not a C) since Chuckie was able to play with a level of success at a similar age in the NHL while Collberg struggled playing in the SEL, a less physical League?
It would be silly to compare the two since one is considered to be perhaps the best hockey player in his age group in the entire world. Galchenyuk has the ability to end up being something very special, Collberg doesn't have the same skill package as Gally can do it all at a high level.

I also wouldn't say that Collberg struggled in the SEL, I thought he had a great year overall.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
That's the gist of my first post on this thread.

Collberg has not done anything yet and he is being hyped very very hard.
Collberg should be hyped. You are at a site called hockeysfuture, everyone that follows hockey at least even somewhat closely would likely say that Hab fans are the most rabid in the league and likely the largest fan base out there which just compounds things. Collberg was a high 2nd round pick that was thought to be a 1st round pick and certainly 1st round talent. He's got a very good resume already and yet he's still in the early stages of his development.

Granted he could easily end up a bust as well, but the bigger question is why wouldn't you expect people to be excited about Collberg based on the above that he was highly ranked among Euro skaters last summer and hasn't done anything to show the scouts were wrong about him so far. Fans are expected to overhype their prospects, it's kind of how this thing works, and i'd say that goes for just about every fan base in every sport as it's human nature to want to see your favorite team improve.

Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
Well it's not really a fair comparison. I don't think I'm being too harsh by saying we're hoping Collberg becomes a good complementary scorer, while counting on Galchenyuk to become our franchise forward. I'm actually a bit more excited about Hudon's upside than Collberg's, but that might be because I've seen Hudon play more. Anyway, hopefully they all make it.
With Gally and Gallagher being full timers now, I am most interested in how the "big 3" of Kristo, Hudon and Collberg end up as I think highly of all 3. Hudon may be the most impressive of the group so far but he also has the biggest questions physically imo which makes it tougher to guess how he's going to handle the pros. Hudon looked the best of the 3 in Hamilton, not really fair for Collberg since it was his first time in North America and unlike the other two he was playing against men for much of the season and only got in 2 games in the AHL. Hudon is so creative that it's a treat to watch him, so excited to see what he can do once he turns pro, hopefully he can fill out some and the injuries don't hamper him.

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