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05-23-2013, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
BTW, we aren't married, but been together for just over 1/2 a year and for sure talked about serious future plans (at least moving in together). During the 1st 3 months of this though, she really didn't verbalize issues with me and my hockey and other sports, don't know what has happened during the last 3 (again, still spending 75-80% of our mutual free time together, not including actual sleeping during sleepovers, which would make that more like 90% plus).
IMO, unless you like to be controlled by a woman you're in trouble. Take her hobby or passion and tell her it's time to scale it back or stop altogether and she'll fly off the handle. If you enter into a relationship and know full well what the person likes to do and then slowly try to take that away from them it's a bad sign, very passive-aggressive behavior and only the beginning of a systematic castration. Next thing you know she'll tell you it's time for the dog to find a new home because she wants to start adopting cats, the panties start to get bigger and bigger and there's always an excuse when it comes time to "consumate" the relationship. You're well on your way to being the guy who always has to "ask the wife" which is the lowest form of man.

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