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05-23-2013, 11:46 AM
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This is from the Summary of Terms negotiated for the new CBA (page 2, clause 6):

During the Ordinary Course “Buy-Out” periods following the 2012/13 season and 2013/14 season, in addition to any other Ordinary Course “Buy-Outs” a Club may elect to effectuate pursuant to Paragraph 13 of the SPC, Clubs may elect to terminate and “buy-out” the already existing SPCs of up to two (2) additional Players (in the aggregate over the two (2) years) on a Compliance basis (a “Compliance Buy-Out”). Such Compliance Buy-Out(s) would be effectuated on the same terms as are set forth in Paragraph 13 of the SPC, except that the amounts paid under such “buy-out(s)” will not be charged against the Club’s Cap in any of the years in which the payments are made to the
You can use 2 buyouts during either buyout period; you are not restricted to one per year. An extra period was granted prior to the 2013 season to prevent players from sitting out the entire season because their team was going to buy them out in the summer (Gomez & Redden).

I deride your truth handling abilities
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