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Originally Posted by gmerger37 View Post
Here is a hypothetical for you guys. Let' say we don't buy out Richard$ this summer, instead we give him another shot at the 2013-2014 season, and he has a pretty solid-ish performance, let's say 25 ish goals and 30-40 ish assists and he is in the 60-70 point range. Say we make the playoffs, have a pretty decent run and brad contributes throughout. Do we still buy him out even though in theory he has returned to being a contributor or do we still buy him out in the summer of 2014 knowing that he is probably going to continue to decline?

Basically if we give him another shot and he has a bounce back season, would you guys still buy him out and be on the hook for the rest of the contract?
The new CBA signed Brad Richards fate as soon as it was ratified. I truly believe this to be true.

With the way the new CBA has the cap recapture crap structured Brad Richards was doomed as soon as it was signed. It doesn't make any difference how well he plays. From a pure financial perspective you cannot have him retire early and have the team subjected to a massive cap hit in the later years. It would be irresponsible for the Rangers to retain his services

If the rules stayed the same under the old CBA there isn't a risk in the final years of that contract. But with the new rules ? You HAVE to amnesty him. You cannot have those contract terms hanging over the organization

I think even if he was playing at the top of his game he would be a goner. He surely cannot be the only long term signed contract that is going to be amnestied for pure financial considerations.

I think Brad realized his days in NY were numbered as soon as the season started. I think it probably has impacted his play as well. He probably figured he could come to NY and then retire. Unfortunately the terms of his contract were altered after signing it and this is the end result.

What would be more interesting is if he was playing AWESOME hockey how the fans would react when he gets bought out anyway.

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