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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post

Rangers were the best team in the Eastern Conference last year, then they ADDED Nash in the offseason AND added key role players they lost in the Nash trade by getting rid of Gaborik, got Derick Brassard, John Moore, Derek Dorsett, and a draft pick. Plus they acquired Clowe. Not to mention they're defensively great with McDonagh, Girardi, Stralman, Moore, Hamrlik as their 8th defenseman, etc. Don't forget their incredible goalie.
They were contenders on paper at the BEGINNING of the season. By the playoffs they were not. They were a one dimensional team relying on their GOALIE to win them games, which he's had.

Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post

San Jose are contenders. They may have traded Douglas Murray and Clowe, but they got back Hannan (just as effective as Murray) and Torres (despite being suspended is a great role player). They got not 1, but 2 2nd round picks for Murray (wow what a trade) and they got a second round pick, third round pick, and another conditional 2nd round pick for Clowe. What did they give up fro Torres, Hannan? 3rd round pick for Torres and a CONDITIONAL 7th Round pick for Hannan. But yeah aren't contenders tying the previous Stanley Cup Champions through 4 they HAVE A GREAT GOALIE IN NIEMI (see it there WhiteSnake ).
San Jose was not a contender, stop it. If you can say they were contenders, then so can we..a 2nd place team in the East. But that doesn't fit your narrative.

Results in a few playoff games have nothing to do with being a contender. You keep moving the goal posts. First the definition of contender is before the season. Now all it takes is to play well and overachieve against a good team.

Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
Price's best season: 2010-11 Amazing stats
Price's second best season: 2011-12Amazing stats given the team's performance
Price's third best season: 2007-08Okay/Good stats given team's performance
Price's fourth best season: 2008-09Good stats given team's performance/rushed him back from injury
Price's fifth best season: 2009-10Okay stats given his personal issues on/off ice
Price's worst season: 2012-13 (a half season). Bad stats, but he gets a mulligan cuz half a season

That's IMO, Price's performance over his career. Disagree or not, don't really care. I give Price's performance over the years an A-/B+.
Then I read this and understand why your definitions are so skewed. "Amazing" is what I'd use to describe Price's 1st season and the one 2 years ago. The way you make excuses for his poor play is sad. You can do the same thing for every other goalie in the league. If Price is going to get a pass for his play, then so should other goalies. But they don't.

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