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Originally Posted by Kendo View Post
I just don't understand how some people would be reluctant to trade McIlrath since he's the only one of his ilk that we have, but would be open to trading Girardi (one of our two righties) or Dizzy.

I think you have to look at Staal, McDefense and Moore as similar players. McD could get us almost anyone we would want (maybe Gomez?) but his value is just as high to us, so probably not him. Moore has a lot of upside, but his trade value isn't as high as his value to us. That leaves Staal. His value on the trade market would be pretty high, and we lucked out with McD supplanting him as our #1.

I would rather stand pat for one more year, but if we wanted to really upgrade our offense at the expense of defense, Staal would make the most sense.
Nail on the head dude; our defensemen are clones of one another with a few minor differences! Staal, McD, Moore, even Del Z.

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