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05-23-2013, 12:55 PM
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All I wanted from you guys is options.

You guys act like salesman trying to convince me that one thing is better than the other or trying to convince me that its impossible. No, its challenging but its not impossible and I am not undervaluing the word challenging.

I always wanted to see how far I can take my game. Not see how much I can get paid. I may not be ready to just dump what I have for any hockey pro option or chance but I will give it serious thought and try to see if it can work with my schedule.

I dc if I my resume is not good enough to make a team... I could not disagree more. Every where I played, people said your not good enough or your experience wont make that team. With nothing but rec league hockey experience I made travel and junior C teams. With only limited HS experience I made Junior B teams and was the last one cut on a Junior A team. Money and I guess I could even blame my devotion (if i really wanted to I would have found a way) stopped me from gaining those things. After 4 Varsity years I made a D3 Club team that beat up on some D3 teams and won the National Championships 3 out of 5 years.

Now I wont let age, time and a job stop me from at LEAST trying to see my options and see where I can go from here. I dc about saying " I was a paid player"... I care about saying to myself at least I tried again and this time failed or succeed.

And, yea I would move to Croatia. I always thought about living there. My family is there, my roots are there. My degree could probably find me a stable job. Try out for Medvescak would be sick but now more difficult with their growth and KHL acceptance. Maybe one day and I dont even play or coach. Maybe I just move there.

I would never call it abandoning my career. I have a degree and certifications. I can always find a job and have a future in it. That is one reason why I chose Engineering.

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