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05-23-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Jesus, totally forgot.

Okay, one time they got out of the conference finals in 15 years? That's the kind of mediocrity we bash the Habs' management for!

Despite that tiny technicality, I totally agree with you. Took us 17 years, them 18 years.

I put things in perspective and despite our faltering, we've had to put up with changing times, changing politics and a fanbase that has often forced an incompetent management into making stupid moves that wouldn't happen if this was columbus. Not excusing them, but there are reasons why we went off the tracks. If we could build a team unfettered, as I believe we ARE now (truly believe in MB's vision and he's going to weather the storm of fan impatience, which is great), we will get the team we want and deserve.

Everyone who goes on to me (friends who just read the commonly trotted out headlines and tropes) about "we are too small", "can't win with pleks, dd, eller", "Price is a lot cause", etc. usually has no idea who our top 3 prospects are (and that's just scratching the surface...we have a LOT to look forward to). We just need to be patient and things will fall into place. I would not be surprised if we have one of the most solid D corps in 4 years. Sure, long time, but do we want to win Cups for years to come? Not such a long time from that perspective. Same goes for "tough" fwds, snipers and guys who will show up every night. We are headed that way.

I can't stress patience enough. That and hoping MB does not do something stupid trade wise. I'm not sure I like this team's chances without Tomas Plekanec. He doesn't have to be labeled the #1 C (in fact, this season and last season, he WASN'T!), but as Boston needs Bergeron, we need him as well and I hardly think he minds playing the shutdown role.

Anyway, rangers do not strike fear in me and I think their management situation is far more volatile than ours even though they've got great pieces. It amazes me just how useless their star players have been in this last series and they do not seem hurt. It's a cautionary tale about signing these big time free agents. I really thought Nash would light it up this year. Amazed.

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