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05-23-2013, 01:00 PM
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I've made similar posts (focused more on total opportunities and home/road splits rather than ranking though) in the past in response to the "bettman favours the hawks" crap so I thought I'd respond. Generally ignored like this thread may be too by many.

I do have somewhat of an explanation for the Hawks ranking. They've been one of the better puck possession teams of the past few years and without going any deeper you'd expect them to have more PPOs than they do. The refs aren't robots though, so they have no choice but to let things go. If they did they'd be calling 4 and 5 penalties a period. The same idea as teams that interfere a lot getting away with more interference than teams that regularly don't for example. The "interfering team" would have more total interference penalties but they'd get away with a ton more. And the percentage of interferences called would probably be lower for them too. It's simplistic, but somewhat true. Just not sure I'm expressing it properly.

Play style is important here too obviously and explains more of it, but that's a longer post. In summary there are logical arguments for why the Hawks get so few opportunities relatively. There are few for the "refs favour the Hawks" however. I guess it doesn't really explain some of the teams high on the list though.

At the same time the Hawks do generally have one of the better PP/SH differentials. That actually might be a better indicator here. I'd suspect it would better correlate with success than the current list.

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