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05-23-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
You get burned taking a need. I am confident that most(should be all) will take players they think have the highest potential at their pick, despite of their needs. You can't risk making those types of mistakes with that high of a pick.
I don't understand the logic behind this. It just seems like "the thing to say" right now. In some respects you may be right. In most years, I would say go BPA as the best strategy, but I don't think it is the only strategy. This team. This draft. This pick. The team isn't drafting a defenseman to step in and play next year (thought obviously that would be ideal). The team is drafting a defenseman to have for the long haul. Defensemen, especially to a team with nothing in the cupboard in terms of defensemen, are far more valuable than a center or winger.

The Flyers have zero legitimate Defensive prospects. They have Gus who some people have penciled in as a sure-thing top four defender and they have Ghost who is too far away to really be considered a lock for anything. Outside of those two, there really isn't anything there that is more than a bottom pairing, fringe defender. How could drafting a defenseman over a center or winger burn them? They could get burned by taking the "BPA" if the BPA isn't as good as they think, couldn't they? I understanding not wanting to reach for a prospect. That makes sense. I wouldn't take a defenseman at #2 if Jones goes #1. But at #11, I simply can't see the Flyers taking a Center even if someone falls (unless they are named MacKinnon). It simply makes no sense, unless you are going to then make several relatively big moves to make room for this new prospect. A winger would be easier to swallow at #11 than a center, but I still think defender is the way to go. If Lindholm, or someone in that vein falls to the Flyers at #11, I'd trade back a couple spots to a team that really wants to grab him.

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