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05-23-2013, 01:36 PM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
They were contenders on paper at the BEGINNING of the season. By the playoffs they were not. They were a one dimensional team relying on their GOALIE to win them games, which he's had.
WTF? K i guess on paper is all that matters to you, but down the stretch/after the Gaborik trade NYR were on fire, only two other teams were better than them, PIT and WSH.

One dimensional? lol

San Jose was not a contender, stop it. If you can say they were contenders, then so can we..a 2nd place team in the East. But that doesn't fit your narrative.

Results in a few playoff games have nothing to do with being a contender. You keep moving the goal posts. First the definition of contender is before the season. Now all it takes is to play well and overachieve against a good team.
Don't compare the San Jose Sharks to the Montreal Canadiens. Honestly, Murray is a 6th defenseman and they got a 6th/7th defenseman back in Hannan. Are they SERIOUS contenders? Of course not. But given how they manhandled Vancouver, how they're playing with Los Angeles quite well right now, they're contenders.

WTF? Contenders usually change throughout the season based on how the team plays and acquisitions (especially near the deadline).

How do I keep moving the goal posts? If San Jose beats Los Angeles, is San Jose still not a contender? Is Los Angeles not a contender?

My goodness.

Then I read this and understand why your definitions are so skewed. "Amazing" is what I'd use to describe Price's 1st season and the one 2 years ago. The way you make excuses for his poor play is sad. You can do the same thing for every other goalie in the league. If Price is going to get a pass for his play, then so should other goalies. But they don't.
I used amazing to describe last year's given how the team was the WORST TEAM IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE. And then two years ago, well just look at the stats too. Not to mention how "bad" our team still is "on paper" since thats what it seems is how you judge "contenders".

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