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Originally Posted by Ruckus007 View Post
Personally, I'm somewhat intrigued by the Weber idea but more because I have always felt that letter's are a somewhat massively overrated thing. Also, it coincides with what I've felt has been a misguided strategy by the organization to find/annoint/appoint "leadership" instead of letting it develop organically. But it seems like they're still in a mindset of "we need to find our core" which, I think, is based on a misunderstanding of why this team was successful after the lockout. They should be focusing just on acquiring talent that fits and let the rest shake out afterwards, IMO.
I agree. And I think the Weber/Ott "thing" is an example of Leadership developing organically.

I think the "find the core" part goes hand in hand.

1. Weber/Ott organic leadership has developed in the rubble of a failed season/failed leadership group/failed coaching staff
2. They will need a few years to build a "new core"
3. after which time I would expect a new leadership group to have developed from within (organically)

So someone who doesn't really have obvious qualifications is interesting. Frankly, I'm not particularly interested or concerned in the identity of the captain next year or even if there is one.
I don't know what your definition of "obvious qualifications" is... to me Weber has VERY obvious qualifications.

I won't go into a point-by-point response about your defense of Weber with the exception of the 4th point. Bottom pair defensemen who play shutdown minutes, are, theoretically, fairly easy to come by, IMO (so not particularly valuable in the sense that they can be replaced more easily). As someone who touts player value as much as you do, I'm a bit surprised you disagree.
a defensive situations defensemen posting a positive GF/GA per 60 differential, a positive +/-, on a bottom feeding team? I disagree that they are easy to find.

We actually had a nearly identical GF per 60 ES with Weber on and off the ice 2.17 ON vs 2.15 OFF (he wasn't the offensive drag that Regehr was).

But our GA was Over a HALF goal better with him on the ice 2.08 ON vs 2.67 OFF.

I just don't think that's "plug and play" performance... I think that's a very good defensive defensemen.

Originally Posted by Ruckus007 View Post

EDIT: I guess some of this probably belongs in a different thread
yea... my bad... as usual I have gone off on a tangent

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