Thread: Player Discussion: Brad Richards Part III: The Buy-Out!
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05-23-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by nyrpassion View Post
And for the record, I ****ing hate the scratch today. If you're trying to send a message to your team don't scratch Richie in an elimination game, do it Game 3, NOT WHEN YOUR SEASON IS ON THE LINE.
Anyone really think Newbury/Haley in the lineup will fare better than Richards?
This is just Tort's unconventional way of trying to light a fire under the team's ass, but it is too little, too late, and too extreme.
I basically agree with this.

Is scratching Richards for Newbury actually supposed to help the team? Or is it admitting defeat and just holding Brad accountable now that you feel the season is over and holding him accountable means absolutely nothing. I absolutely have no problem with scratching Richards, but why now and why for Newbury of all people. There is absolutely nothing Newbury and/or Haley can bring to the table to help us stay alive in this game. Richards, deserving as he is of the scratch, has a higher chance of actually picking up a point or making something happen. I have to feel like scratching Richards for Newbury, at this stage is more a classic case of Torts "punishing" a player for poor performance AFTER the punishment is no longer relevant, instead of holding him accountable 2-3 games ago when it might have actually made a difference.

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