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05-23-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Blown Away View Post

The team's primary logo and colors will remain intact.

The secondary logo is noticeably absent here. I wonder if that means a new one?
Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Anton View Post
I noticed that as well and was wondering the same thing. They also make no mention of the thirds. So will they only use the new home and away jerseys, or change those and keep the thirds?

Count me in on wanting the tie-strings, too.
As only the home and aways are mentioned I'd draw one of two conclusions:

1) The third would remain unchanged (meaning that the secondary logo would also remain unchanged since it's the crest on the thirds)

2) That only homes and aways are being mentioned mean the thirds are being retired. This would be contrary to what Icethetics indicated when they first broke the rumor that we were going to get new jerseys. So I'm of the opinion that the secondary logo likely stays unchanged too.

Originally Posted by What the Faulk View Post
Mr. Bubbles - 4 years, $20 million. He has to follow Skinner around the entire game.
You know, I joke about Nic Blanchard being Skinner's Big Daddy...who's to say that as we speak Blanchard isn't being fitted for grafting into the diving suit.

Might this be Blanchard's roster photo for next year?

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